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We Help You Succeed In Promoting Your Project!

Do you need a Trailer, Promo, TV spot, Reel or any other kind of editorial or post-production service?

Having experience on your side can't be overstated. For smaller productions or individual projects every cent counts, so let JR Creative guide you through this sometimes confusing process so you come out on top.

JR Creative is a boutique editorial and post-production studio dedicated to producing dynamic and powerful content. As a fluid studio we can expand or contract on a per-project basis to meet the needs of our clients, providing superior quality at competitive rates.

With over seven years of Theatrical Advertising and post-production experience alone, Senior Editor/Producer Jason Richter and his team of graphics artists, composers and sound designers have been called on to create and produce numerous pieces for filmmakers, production companies and studios.  

The promotional materials for you, your film or project should always be considered as important as the content itself. If you don't represent it right all that hard work could be in vein.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to helping you succeed!